Monday, March 28, 2011

Ah la fraise!

How do you choose a baby pattern to knit for an expectant knitter? Knitter-to-knitter? Tricky! If you're anything like me, you will start by over-thinking, and therefore; procrastinating.

"If the baby is due in spring, do I knit a warm weather thing for a newborn, or a cold weather thing for a 6 month-er?"
"I'm definitely knitting this...or is it too impractical?"
"Nevermind, I'll knit this instead. But do I want to sacrifice cute for practical?"
"Alright, then this is better... but I'll never finish it in time.
"Okay, I know she likes this, so I'll just knit that. But wait, what if she knits it herself?"

Eventually I reached a compromise between me, myself and I, and settled on "Ah, la fraise!"

It's hard to beat the French when it comes to fashion... even if it's for those too small to have fashion opinions. All the better to dress them up like produce!

Pattern: "Ah, la Fraise!" from La Droguerie's Babies
Size: 6 mos
Yarn: Ella Rae Baby Cotton in Peony, White, and... Celery? I think?
Notes/Mods: The pattern instructions are pretty vague. I'm sure some of the oddness is due to poor translation from French, but it was fairly easy to figure out. The arms seem a little too long and skinny in proportion to the body but I'm not sure if that's me misinterpreting the instructions or the instructions misinterpreting the limbs of tiny humans.
I kind of love this yarn. I don't normally enjoy knitting with cotton, but the nylon content in this yarn gives it a nice springiness. I must have spent an hour trying to find the right yarn for this at Romni and Ella Rae won! I wish the green was a little, well, greener, but the pattern is so darn cute I think it works anyway.

I can't wait to see the little munchkin that gets to wear this delicious little number. Ah, la fraise!